FRETS ACOUSTIC concerts will feature well-known artists playing acoustic sets in a bespoke venue outwith the usual touring circuit. FRETS ACOUSTIC is all about songwriting and artists, the performers will discuss the inspiration and methodology behind some of their songs. 

James Grant and Douglas MacIntyre performing at Frets Acoustic in the Strathaven Hotel

FRETS ACOUSTIC was set up by Strathaven musician Douglas MacIntyre, who has worked professionally in the music industry in various capacities for several years.  

FRETS ACOUSTIC will feature well known artists playing acoustic sets in a bespoke venue, and is part of a new business venture, FRETS CREATIVE, also established by Douglas MacIntyre.  FRETS CREATIVE will provide a creative hub in Strathaven (at 2 Barn Street Mews), with the focus initially being on music lessons, concerts, workshops, and songwriting.

FRETS ACOUSTIC is delighted to announce that our next concert will take place at the Strathaven Hotel, on Friday 21st Feb 2020. Sign up to our blog for exclusive information about forthcoming concerts.

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