FRETS ACOUSTIC concerts will feature well-known artists playing acoustic sets in a bespoke venue outwith the usual touring circuit. Another specialism of FRETS ACOUSTIC is the performing artist will choose a songwriter who has been influential in their development as a writer, playing a few cover songs by that artist in their set. FRETS ACOUSTIC is all about songwriting and artists, the performers will discuss the inspiration and methodology behind some of their songs. 

Douglas and Derek at the Strathaven Hotel

FRETS ACOUSTIC was set up by Derek Fleming and Douglas MacIntyre, both of whom have worked professionally in the music industry in various capacities for several years.  Derek and Douglas have been friends since attending school in Strathaven in the late 1970’s. Bonding over music, they spent every day after school at Derek’s parents’ house in Kirk Street learning chords from a David Bowie songbook. Inspired by the DIY ethos of punk, they started writing their own songs and formed a group, The Frets, making their live debut in 1978 at the Ballgreen Hall in Strathaven, playing a short set of self-penned songs. The Frets came full circle when Derek and Douglas  appeared (along with Campbell Owens from Aztec Camera on bass and Stephen Lironi from Altered Images on drums) at a sold-out Glasgow Royal Concert Hall (along with The Bluebells, Altered Images, Justin Currie, Grahame Skinner, and James Grant) in 2018 as part of a charity concert, Sandfest, which raised over £50,000 for Down Syndrome Scotland.  

FRETS ACOUSTIC is delighted to announce that our next concert will feature a solo acoustic performance by James Grant at the Strathaven Hotel, on Friday November 29th.

FRETS ACOUSTIC will feature well known artists playing acoustic sets in a bespoke venue, and is part of a new business venture, FRETS CREATIVE, set up by Strathaven musicians Derek Fleming and Douglas MacIntyre.  FRETS CREATIVE will provide a creative hub in Strathaven, with the focus initially being on music lessons, concerts, workshops, and songwriting.

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