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What We Are

FRETS CREATIVE launches on 1st Jan 2020, and is a creative hub based in Strathaven focusing on music-related and creative sector services.

Primary activities include music lessons and acoustic performances by established artists at venues including the Strathaven Hotel.

Photo by Gillian Scott

Who We Are

FRETS CREATIVE was formed by two experienced Strathaven musicians, Derek Fleming and Douglas MacIntyre, both of whom have worked professionally in the music industry in various capacities for several years, regularly appearing on television, radio, and in concert. Derek and Douglas have several years’ experience in teaching, their ethos is geared towards helping people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds reach their full potential. 

Where We Are

FRETS CREATIVE is based in Barn Street Mews in the central Strathaven. Why not get in touch and make an appointment to visit our newly-built bespoke studios.

What We Do

Check out our Music Lessons section, we provide a learning experience that is second to none. We’ve created a modern and inclusive learning environment for all abilities and age groups, perfect for developing your creativity. Your time at FRETS CREATIVE will be as enjoyable as it is productive.


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