This was the writing prompt chosen by one of the members of Frets Words this week – we try to choose prompts taken from song/ album titles or song lyrics/ band names….something with a musical link since we are Frets Words, part of Frets Concerts…please get in touch if you want to join us and spread the word…fills these long, dark winter evenings….The last piece posted was a short story by our newest member Carolyne who took the plunge in January 2022…yes it is a scary thing, but we are not scary people…we clap in our Zoom room and we smile and chat…this next is a poem by SCOTT HAMMOND a late 2021 addition to our wee group. Enjoy

Breaking the habit

Your core burns with the flame of obsession, I know
I have warmed myself at that fire
Now I watch from the shadows, flickering
Me, my love and envy huddling for heat
We can’t compete with the
Searing passion that consumes you
Becomes you.
Sadness punctuated by moments of joy. Of hope.
Then gone. The sadness persists.
Insists on weaving its cool fingers through my thoughts. On and on,
in lots of ways, always the same.
Remaining low, flat.
An odd format
Unbalanced, inverted
Hot to cold, light to dark.
The spark is gone.
Conversations lost, unspoken,
Time passes
The habit is broken.

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