Douglas MacIntyre and Lloyd Cole

Douglas MacIntyre has worked in music education for the past 18 years (University of West of Scotland, Stow College, Kelvin College, and currently Assistant Principal at Riverside Music College), in tandem with which he has worked as a professional musician with artists including Lloyd Cole, The Nectarine No.9/S.Obs, Vic Godard & the Subway Sect, James Grant/L&M, The Bathers, The Secret Goldfish, The Bluebells, Future Pilot AKA, Jazzateers, among many others.

Frets Music Lessons provide expert tuition for guitar and bass. We are experienced and accomplished musicians and are professionally active in the music industry. Our teacher-pupil rapport is a vital element of our lessons. We create a positive learning experience in a comfortable and friendly environment where pupils can grow as an individual as well as a musician. We welcome people of all ages and abilities, working hard to meet every individual’s personal requirements during lessons, all provided within our uniquely enjoyable and structured methods. We believe music has the power to give people confidence and self-belief, and our professional methodology allows people of all ages and abilities to have a great learning experience with us. Most of all, we believe music is FUN!!

Frets Music Lessons take place at our creative hub – FRETS CREATIVE – which is based in Barn Street Mews in the centre of Strathaven. We’ve created a modern and inclusive learning environment for all abilities and age groups, perfect for developing your creativity. Why not get in touch and make an appointment to visit our newly-built bespoke studios, we provide a learning experience that is second to none, your time at FRETS CREATIVE will be as enjoyable as it is productive.


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