Exciting new partnership with Creative Strathaven CIC

The retail space will be from the door to the right with the gallery space in the middle room. Since we signed the lease in February 2020 we have been working on exciting plans to use our unit at 2 Barn Street Mews as a creative hub for the community, featuring workshops, creative writing courses [...]

KING CREOSOTE at FRETS – Fri 30th Oct 2020

KING CREOSOTE in acoustic concert at FRETS , The Strathaven Hotel, on Friday 30th Oct 2020. Tickets available at the Eventbrite link below from 7pm this Friday 26th June. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/king-creosote-acoustic-concert-at-frets-tickets-109987545710 A Short History of King CreosoteIf you build a fence then you have to treat it, as any DIY buff will tell you. You have [...]


Tickets on sale now. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-skinner-songbook-tickets-109608997462 THE SKINNER SONGBOOK Acoustic Concert at FRETS Friday 20th November, 2020 The Strathaven Hotel THE SKINNER SONGBOOK is a new troubadour concert show produced by vocalist Grahame Skinner. The idea of the show is to highlight songs Grahame enjoys performing live as a vocalist, including songs from his own repertoire [...]

GRANT-LEE PHILLIPS at FRETS, Friday 22nd Jan 2021

Tickets are available now at this Eventbrite link https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/grant-lee-phillips-at-frets-friday-22nd-jan-2021-the-strathaven-hotel-tickets-107692214312 With the release Widdershins in 2018, Grant-Lee Phillips invests the insight, nuance, and wit that has distinguished his songcraft over the past three decades in a riveting dissection of today’s fraught social landscape. Beneath the moment’s tumultuous veneer, Phillips uncovers resonances spanning centuries – patterns echoing [...]

RODDY WOOMBLE – acoustic concert at FRETS on Thursday 10th Dec 2020

Tickets available now at this link https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/roddy-woomble-acoustic-concert-at-frets-in-the-strathaven-hotel-tickets-108488820984 Roddy Woomble: Glasgow December 2016 (Photo by David Gillanders) http://www.davidgillanders.com RODDY WOOMBLEFRETSTHURSDAY 10th Dec 2020THE STRATHAVEN HOTEL FRETS CONCERTS is delighted to announce Roddy Woomble will be performing an acoustic concert on Thursday 10th Dec in the Strathaven Hotel.Roddy Woomble is widely regarded as one of Scotland’s finest [...]


COLLEGE DAYS Why then didn’t I go on to study English? Not through choice. While I managed to get an A band 1 for my Higher English, my other grades weren’t high enough to study English at university and I found myself, at 18, forced into accepting my second choice, studying Publishing at Napier in [...]

THE BLUEBELLS at FRETS, Friday 2nd OCT 2020

FRETS is delighted to be presenting an acoustic concert by THE BLUEBELLS on Friday 2nd October, 2020, in the Strathaven Hotel. Tickets are exclusively available via Eventbrite at this link https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-bluebells-acoustic-concert-at-frets-tickets-107132867290 I saw the Bluebells many times over the years, from their early Postcard Records period through to their chart-topping period. They were always about [...]