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4th November at  7.30pm marks the start of a new Zoom session for Frets Words….it will be a little daunting for us all. But it’s dark outside and what better way to spend an hour or so than with a few like minded folk…possibly, reading, writing, discussing . Actually that sounds quite terrifying. Writing being a solitary experience, it can be a big step into the void and very much out with some people’s comfort zone. Putting things out on social media is so much easier than sharing with an intimate group of strangers, or friends for that matter. Anyway, at this particular point in time, what better thing is there to do? The pubs are shut and if they’re open they’re probably not safe, so let’s settle down in the comfort of our own homes, share what we can and possibly even be inspired. We have nothing to lose. Message me if you want to join –

Katy Lironi –

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