Frank McGillivray – On Hurlford Road part 5 – Message

Frets Words is pleased to showcase the poetry of Frank McGillivray, we will publish the series of poems collectively titled ON HURLFORD ROAD. Frank is a local Avondale poet and we’re delighted to be able to promote talent on Frets Words.



I was sent a message to the shop,
I bought a book of Andy Capp cartoons
And stuff from the penny tray.
Whatever it was we needed, I didn’t buy.

I found three presentation books
Of first mint decimal coins
In my Father’s drawer. I spent them.

I told him I had taken them to school,
And they were in my desk.

I collected coins of mongrel
Mints and denominations,
Not knowing they were special coins I’d spent.

I handed my father the handful,
He was not fooled.

My aunt took me to the circus.
As we walked home past the park,
Teenagers shouted and whistled at her.

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