THE BLUEBELLS @ FRETS – 2nd concert added on 3rd Sept

THE BLUEBELLS have added a second concert at FRETS in the Strathaven Hotel. The date is Friday 3rd Sept, if you are interested we recommend you purchase tickets asap as they will sell out. Here is the Eventbrite link to the 2nd concert https:


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  1. Hi Douglas

    Great news about a second Bluebells session. I have 2 tickets for the Sept 10 session but won’t be able to attend as we will be away on holiday (I hope). Would it be possible to switch to the Sept 3 gig?

    So good that we are getting back to “normal” and I hope the amazing Frets concerts can get back to their brilliant best.



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    1. Hi John, much easier if you buy two tickets for the 3rd, I’ll get Eventbrite to reimburse you – which they quick to do. It’s really tricky swapping tickets due to everything going through Eventbrite, but they are quick to reimburse. Let me know if you get tickets for the 3rd and I’ll contact Eventbrite to get your money back. I’m trying not to feel too optimistic after the announcement today… but it’s hard not to! All the best. Douglas


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