New FRETS concert dates announced

Some of these dates have been announced previously, but we’ve included dates for FRETS concerts that we can’t announce just yet (but will soon).

Here are the rescheduled dates for the concerts that we have had to cancel due to COVID 19. If you bought a ticket for any of these events you have been emailed by FRETS and also emailed by Eventbrite to confirm they are refunding your ticket money. We will be emailing original ticket purchasers in due course to give them the first option of buying tickets for the cancelled concerts, then we will make any available tickets available for purchase.

July 31st – tba

August 28th – The Bluebells

Sept 25th – tba

Oct 1st – tba

Oct 30th – tba

Nov 20th – The Skinner Songbook

10th Dec – Roddy Woomble

19th March 2021 – Robert Forster

Here is a message similar to that which was emailed to all ticket holders informing them that Eventbrite are going to refund all ticket monies they have received for FRETS concerts.

Hello, Douglas at FRETS Concerts here. 

We have decided the best course of action is to instruct Eventbrite to issue you with a ticket refund for the FRETS concert you have bought tickets for at the Strathaven Hotel.

 Concert are currently being rescheduled, and you will be emailed in due course with the opportunity to buy a new ticket. Those who bought tickets for the original concert will have preferred customer status and will be emailed prior to public sale of tickets for the rescheduled date being announced (with the opportunity to buy tickets first). 

 The refund email you receive from Eventbrite may come via the email address for my music rights company (The Creeping Bent Organisation), in which case it will be this email address –  (please check your spam folders).

Your refund should be in the Eventbrite email format below at the bottom of this message (with your Order Number and Refund Amount included), you should have already received this email from Eventbrite. Eventbrite state the refunds can take up to 7 working days, if you haven’t received your refund by Weds 22nd April (ie 9 working days), please email me.

 FRETS Concerts is in the process of rescheduling concerts and we have other exciting concerts in the pipeline which we hope to announce soon. Best way to hear first about future concerts at FRETS / The Strathaven Hotel is by submitting your email address to the Blog section of our website,

 Let’s hope life returns to some semblance of normality soon and we can all go out and listen to some music being performed live.

 All the best.

Douglas / FRETS Concerts

 PS – here is a link to a recent feature in The Scotsman about music related to Strathaven, from Harry Lauder to Orange Juice to FRETS Concerts.


Event Name: 
Order Number:  
Refund Amount: 
Note: Unfortunately the FRETS concert you have purchased tickets for via Eventbrite at the Strathaven Hotel has been cancelled due to COVID 19 regulations.

Once processed, refunds can take up to 7 business days to appear in your account.

Thank you for using Eventbrite.

The Eventbrite Team

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  1. Bluebell time in Marston Thrift.. Hope all the family are well Douglas. Sad to see shows delayed , would love to get up for some. Loved the kitchen concerts with Marilda and Katy. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


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