ROBYN HITCHCOCK acoustic concert at FRETS, Friday 1st Oct 2021

Robyn Hitchcock at FRETS, 1st Oct 2021

FRETS is delighted to announce that Robyn Hitchcock will be performing an acoustic concert at the Strathaven Hotel on Friday 1st Oct 2021. Although this concert doesn’t take place till next year, it is strongly advised to purchase tickets asap as it will probably sell out. Tickets go on sale this morning at 10am from this link, we will announce the concert to the general public at 11am.

Robyn first came to public attention during the new wave period of the late 1970s with his group The Soft Boys, possibly best known for their single I Wanna Destroy You, and has gone on to have a success international solo career over many albums (including collaborations with REM guitarist Peter Buck).

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