Tim Burgess – SOLD OUT Fri 26th Feb 2021

Tickets for the Tim Burgess acoustic concert at FRETS on Friday 26th Feb 2021 in the Strathaven Hotel sold out within minutes. Demand was such that Eventbrite’s website crashed several times, sorry if you didn’t get tickets.

Tim’s special guests will be Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub), David Scott (The Pearlfishers), and Duglas T. Stewart (BMX Bandits).

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  1. We trie, very hard, to get tickets but just missed out. Gutted! To those who are going have a great time!


    1. Hi,

      Apologies for the generic nature of this email. I’m contacting you because I believe you tried to buy tickets for Tim Burgess at FRETS ( Fri 26th Feb in the Strathaven Hotel), which went on sale last Friday 4th Sept at 7pm.

      Unfortunately the Eventbrite website crashed due to the demand for tickets, and the concert ended up quickly selling out.

      I’ve been in discussions with Tim Burgess and his agent, and the good news is Tim is going to play an additional acoustic concert at FRETS (with Norman Blake/David Scott and Duglas T. Stewart). The concert will take place on Thursday 25th Feb 2021.

      Please keep this information to yourself just now, as when the tickets go on sale on Eventbrite tomorrow evening anyone can buy them. Therefore I am only emailing people who contacted me to inform me of their difficulty trying to buy tickets on Eventbrite, to allow you to buy tickets before I announce the concert on Friday..

      The tickets for Tim’s concert on Thursday 25th Feb with go on sale tomorrow evening (Thurs 10th Sept) at 7pm from this Eventbrite link (the link goes live at 7pm). https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/tim-burgess-acoustic-concert-tickets-120209755615

      To reiterate, tickets will be available to purchase tomorrow (Thurs 10th) night from 7pm, I will then wait 24 hours before announcing the second Tim concert to the public this Friday at 7pm.

      Hope that all makes sense, unfortunately tickets can’t be reserved so I’m relying on you all to keep this news to yourself and hopefully you’ll be able to buy a ticket tomorrow night for Tim (as long as Eventbrite doesn’t crash through demand)!

      We’ve got lots of cracking concerts booked for 2021 that we will be announcing in due course, the way to find out first about future FRETS concerts if by submitting your email address to the Blog section of our website http://www.fretscreative.com
      and you’ll receive an email informing you of future FRETS concerts before they are announced to the general public.

      Douglas / FRETS CONCERTS


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