Frank McGillivray – On Hurlford Road – part 1 – Sketch

Frets Words is pleased to showcase the poetry of Frank McGillivray. Over the coming week, we will publish the series of poems collectively titled ON HURLFORD ROAD. Frank is a local Avondale poet and we’re delighted to be able to promote talent from the shire on Frets Words.The poems speak for themselves, please read and enjoy….



After the war
Prefabricated houses
were built up
then knocked down,
Now waste ground.

Behind a factory
A railway line; behind
The railway line a pond.

A fence between
The waste ground and the factory,
A second between
The factory and the railway line.

Gaps in the fences,
Where iron railings
Have not been replaced.

A row of garages.
In school grounds,
A copse of unkempt trees.

Near the school
A row of shops,
Beside the shops
A bedraggled park.
Dogs walk themselves.

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