Frank McGillivray – On Hurlford Road – part 2 – Pond

Frets Words is pleased to showcase the poetry of Frank McGillivray, we will publish the series of poems collectively titled ON HURLFORD ROAD. Frank is a local Avondale poet and we’re delighted to be able to promote talent on Frets Words.



Squeeze through the fence
At the factory, and the fence
At the railway line, to the pond.

Carry tadpoles home,
Leave them at the back door
to fend for themselves.

Lay on the tracks,
Listen for the hum
Of an approaching train.
Boys build dens,

On ghost crescents and flattened cul-de-sacs,
Joists of found wood,
asbestos and cardboard sheets,

Chimneys, light fires;
A laugh to collapse the whole with folk inside.

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