Frank McGillivray – On Hurlford Road – part 3 – Half Filled Bottle

Frets Words is pleased to showcase the poetry of Frank McGillivray, we will publish the series of poems collectively titled ON HURLFORD ROAD. Frank is a local Avondale poet and we’re delighted to be able to promote talent on Frets Words.



A girl brought in a letter
From Robert Burns to her ancestor,
Sent just before
He was set to sail
For Jamaica, but changed his mind.
It was passed round in a plastic sleeve.

My friend lived beside the school
And we’d access the playground
Through his garden
And climb trees.

He came to mine once
With a half filled bottle,
He offered, but i declined,
I didn’t like its hue,
He admitted it was piss.

Some time later,
He was climbing on his own
And slipped,
Hung there ’til he was found.

My grandfather gave me his war medals.
I sold them to a boy
Who seemed to recognise their value.
I lived in fear of being asked
Where they were.

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