The Disco King by Helen Johnston

The Disco King

I keep The Disco King

in a suitcase

under my bed.

No-one knows he’s there

but me.

Packed in plastic,

silent and shrunk.

I go to work,

travel home,


Under the radar,

innocuous and small.

Whole days can pass,

without words.

Faded, jaded,

of little interest to anyone.

But come the weekend

I pull out the case,

pop the lock and

there he is.

The other half of me,

my Superstar.

my twin.

He unfolds,

unravels, reaches.

I pull him on.

We become one.

The nightclubs call.

Beneath the stage

they roar my name.

Disco King! Disco King!

Sing another,

shake your moves.

They love me,

they love him.

The glitter ball rotates.

Little do they know

I keep the Disco King

in a suitcase under my bed.

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  1. This made me smile & gave me the energy to jump out of bed to search for a Friday glittery top …
    ( chasing Katy Lironi style!)

    Liked by 1 person

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