We are really excited at FRETS CREATIVE with the progress on our very own creative hub in Strathaven. Based at 2 Barn Street Mews, this will be our hub for FRETS MUSIC LESSONS and for all our FRETS ACOUSTIC planning.

Work is progressing on target and we plan to launch all aspects of FRETS CREATIVE from January 1st 2020. FRETS ACOUSTIC is already up and running having run our first event, Lloyd Cole at the Strathaven Hotel, on October 4th and our second, James Grant at the Strathaven Hotel, scheduled for November 29th.

We can already see how the finished hub will look and we are looking forward to getting our FRETS MUSIC LESSONS up and running from day one.

For more information on Music lessons got to the FRETS MUSIC LESSONS page

To see what we are up to at FRETS ACOUSTIC go to

Watch our blog for regular updates on what we are up to, and keep an eye on for all the news on ticket sales and events.

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